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Yara UK

Yara UK’s fertiliser storage and bagging facility at Belfast Harbour was in need of expensive refurbishment, over the years  the corrosive attributes of the fertiliser had taken its toll on the existing structure and flooring. It was decided that the most productive, cost effective approach would be to demolish the existing structure and rebuild on the existing footprint which gave Yara the opportunity to plan out a new and improved working floor plan as well as the flexibility to store and package a variety of bulk products.

In the criteria for the new build, Yara UK had specified several key requirements; the new building must keep the fertilizer products dry and free from condensation events, have a bright working environment and the versatility to accommodate a high roof ensuring tipper trucks could easily gain access and unload the product, inside the building.

McGaffin Contracts had worked with Collinson on a previous job nearby for Belfast Harbour Commissioners, so upon invitation to tender for the new Yara UK facility, John McGaffin immediately contacted Collinson, confident with knowledge from previous projects that the Challenger  tensile structure would fit the bill perfectly.

Chris Cox, Commercial Manager at Collinson, said “We’re really pleased to have been awarded another job in Belfast Harbour, it really reinforces the versatility of the Challenger structure for maritime storage.  In our experience the adaptability of the tensile building system coupled with the cost savings against traditional builds makes many industrial & commercial  projects viable”

Yara UK liked what they saw and the price was competitive, McGaffin Contracts were awarded the job, the design was finalised and due to the nature of the building requiring minimal groundworks, it wasn’t long before Collinson were over in Belfast to start the building work.

The Challenger building system is based on a clear span, steel superstructure which can be quickly erected. This modular system is renowned for its efficiency; the frame is covered with a tensioned PVC membrane externally and to protect the steel work from the corrosive fertiliser, a pvc membrane was also installed internally to guarantee the longevity of the building for Yara. The white tensile membrane roof allows daylight to permeate into the facility creating a light, bright working environment whilst also minimising electricity costs.

The new Challenger facility spans 99m x 30m x 10m, at the eaves, creating  2970m² of internal space providing Yara UK with the capacity to store up to 14,000 tonnes of product at any one time.

John McGaffin of  McGaffin Contractors said “The project ran like clockwork; nothing seemed like a problem for the site team! I look forward to working with Collinson again in the future, the double skinned tensile facility provides the perfect solution for maritime storage in harsh environments  and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Collinson”


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