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Been tipped off about Collinson’s TipStor?

Posted on by Sally

In the current financial climate, we have seen a large increase in farmers mixing their own feed on site or buying in bulk and similarly storing their feed on the farm. While this is an intelligent move from those working within argriculture, unfortunately we haven’t seen silo manufacturers cater to those who are ‘going it alone’. Collinson are always looking to meet the needs of their customers and the introduction of the SiloTip and TipStor will eradicate the logistical problems faced by these clued up farmers.

“We are in ever changing economic times, we strive to keep up with the requirements of today’s farmer and the addition of the TipStor and SiloTip attachment ensures we continue to offer storage solutions for all” Director, Sam Collinson

The TipStor is simply a roof mounted attachment which utilises a hand winch system to open the lid and can then be easily filled by a tractor bucket or front end loader of up to 8 ft wide. We offer two models – Mini and Maxi which offer storage of up to seven tonnes of blends (7.6 tonnes of pellets) and a tip in height of five metres.

Existing customers need not worry about missing out as our SiloTip attachment can be fitted onto any County Range Silo. The attachment is manufactured in the UK and is made from heavy duty 2.5mm steel, which is also galvanised to ensure longevity.

Storing feed in a silo rather than bags or bunkers significantly reduces the risk of vermin and increases health and safety on any site, improving biosecurity.

With the diagnosis for the foreseeable future of global finance looking far from healthy, we are offering a cost-effective, efficient and attractive product to the modern farmer. Collinson is investing in the future of agriculture so that farmers can do the same. Tip-top I’d say!

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