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BPEX Feeder Review gives food for thought

Findings from a recent BPEX pig feeder review have been expanded on to include a feeder costing indicator, the report was created to help producers make more informed decisions about suitable feeder types.

BPEX knowledge transfer manager Richard Bows says: “Given the significant contribution feed costs make to the overall cost of production, producers wanted us to start looking at pig feeders and how they can contribute to more cost efficient production."

“As genetics develop, we need to keep evaluating how to get the most out of the modern pig. There’s a combination of factors including the type of feeder, pig stocking density, the position of the feeder in the pen and feeder space, which BPEX is planning further work on this year.”

If you use commercial pig feed, your feed bill can make up around 80% of the running costs of raising weaners or fatteners, a significant amount but vital to achieve the optimum results for your herd but it’s not just the feed which requires consideration how you feed it to your stock is equally key. 

As feed is such a major expense it is vitally important to invest in the right feeder for your stock to achieve optimum nutritional value and a good FCR.  Many producers were unsure how best to evaluate this and turned to BPEX for advice,  due to the significant contribution that feed costs make to the overall cost of production, BPEX commissioned an independent on-farm review; a range of feeders from different manufacturers were installed on one of Rattlerow Farms' pig units to compare both feed wastage and ease of adjustment, the review has recently been updated to include investment required per pig for each feeder, the results have been made available to allow producers to make more informed decisions about which feeder type is most suitable for their 

The one-page report available for viewing below, is due to be uploaded to the BPEX site shortly, it can also be requested by calling 0247 647 8792 or emailing kt@bpex.ahdb.org.uk


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