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UK shoppers prefer British produce, says survey

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New data shows consumers proud to back British farming post-Brexit

Not only are the public feeling positive about British farming, they’re taking action to prove it, the latest NFU Farmer Favourability Survey shows.

Almost seven in ten people disclosed a ‘favourable’ or ‘very favourable’ view of farmers, while two-thirds of respondents admitted actively searching out British food while shopping.

Survey responses came from 2,000 adults in England and Wales. Of those 2,000 people, 90% believe farming is important for the British economy, whilst 89% believe having a productive farming industry is important.

Respondents also acknowledged the role of British agriculture in providing food that’s safe and traceable. Assurance schemes like Red Tractor mean 64% trust British produce more than food sourced from the rest of the globe.

Government should support farmers

Survey data also showed a strong public belief that farmers should be given monetary backing by the Government.

Sixty-eight percent of respondents felt farmers should receive Government support, both in food production and environmental stewardship. A further 75% believe farmers should be given Government assistance in dealing with climate change.

Seventy-three percent agreed Government investments should be made in protecting farm businesses for future generations, and another 73% feel money should be set aside to ensure a fair standard of living for farmers.

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Backing British farming

NFU President, Meurig Raymond, said: “It’s clear the public recognise the strategic importance of farming in feeding the country, looking after the countryside and contributing to the economy.

“Public support is vital to the British farming industry. It sends a strong message to the MPs and decision-makers who have a huge opportunity during Brexit negotiations to create a political environment where farming can really thrive.

"This support will be instrumental for the British farming sector in the coming months and years ahead.”

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