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Phase Feeding

Match the nutritional requirements of pigs throughout their growth cycle

What is phase feeding?

In simple terms: phase feeding means changing an animal’s diet according to their age and weight.

With a phase feeding system, you can make strategic dietary adjustments to ensure your pigs’ nutritional requirements are met at the right stage in their growth cycle.

Why phase feed?

If pigs are fed a single diet over a long period of time, their nutritional needs might not be properly met.

Naturally, this can have a negative effect on their growth performance.

On the other hand, switching quickly between diets to keep up with the pigs’ changing condition may cause growth stunts.

Phase feeding eliminates both of these problems.

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How it works

With phase feeding, the amounts of each feed ingredient that are present in the mix are gradually adjusted over time.

There are no sudden switches; instead, the ingredients are slowly changed according to the amounts pre-programmed in the system.

This creates a smooth transition between diets that have been specially mixed to suit the pigs’ stage of growth.

Using the system

First, you pre-set the feed curve (or curves) to automatically adjust the ingredient amounts as your pigs grow.

Then, you apply the curve to your chosen group and let the system handle the incremental transitions.

Benefits of phase feeding

Because phase feeding allows you to gradually switch feed mixes, you can target your pigs with the nutrients they need at their particular age, weight, and condition.

With this level of advanced feed management, you can expect:

  • Improved feed conversion
  • Greatly reduced feed wastage
  • Minimised growth stunts
  • Better growth performance

Available systems

We offer two phase feeding systems: Ration Feeding and Multifast.

The Ration Feeding system allows you to call up to 4 diet ingredients from the silo to be layered in the conveyor and delivered to your selected group.

For larger units and more finite mixes, Multifast allows up to 8 feed curves and 20 different ingredients. These are then weighed and blended in the mixer-weigher.

Should your unit size increase in future, Multifast is easy to extend.

However, both Ration Feeding and Multifast systems have multiple benefits:

  • Enhanced analysis for research and advanced management
  • Assign bespoke diet curves to individual pens
  • Gradual transition between diets, avoiding expensive growth stunts
  • Target pigs with the right nutrients at the right time
  • Get a daily overview of consumption per feeding place for effective feed management

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  • j Efficient, high-capacity conveyors provide swift feed transport along the shortest route
  • j Automatic outlets ensure 100% discharge of feed from conveyor
  • j Easy-to-use control panel
  • j Variable feed allocation per house, per pen
  • j Feed curves aid intelligent feeding patterns
  • j Ingredients mixed before or during transportation
  • j Accommodate multiple feed types
  • j Simple installation
  • j System can be extended
  • "Before installing the system I was was feeding 5 kilos of bought in ration but because of the ability to create the right mix this has now reduced to 2 kilos.' Not only this but phase feeding creates a better transition"

    Rick Buckle, Buckle Farms, Out Newton near Spurn Head, Humberside
  • "I spoke to Collinson, Adrian, the chap I worked with was really helpful and their flat rate system, Equity, seemed like a good piece of kit, it is robust and was exactly what I was looking for, I completed my system with a Collinson silo which is galvanised with a Slate Blue Plasteel finish and a conveyor to take the feed from the silo into the parlour. I would definitely recommend Equity"

    Eilir Evans, Llandysul, West Wales
  • "We were very impressed with your sales staff’s knowledge & speed at dealing with our enquiry. The auger system was fitted on time & very smartly by your fitter, we were very impressed throughout. We chose Collinson after using the same Collinson feed bin over 30 years, the same one the auger has just been fitted too. Thank you."

    H & JE Watson - Ulverston, Cumbria
  • "Very friendly & down to earth staff. I would recommend your company to anyone who asked me 100%. Thank you for a very satisfactory service."

    Angela Bailey - Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

We have honed our process to ensure you have a simple, streamlined experience from enquiry to installation

Step 1 - Contact Collinson

Step 1 - Contact Collinson

Whether you want a replacement feeder or a complete new feeding solution, give our friendly team a call and a quick chat helps us quickly establish your exact requirements. Theres's no sales waffle, just dedicated and knowledgeable advice.

Step 2 - Arrange a Site Visit and Buying Options

Step 2 - Arrange a Site Visit and Buying Options

Feeders can be bought direct from Collinson or through our network of dealers. If you're looking for a new approach to your feeding method one of our Regional Account Managers will visit your site to discuss your ideas and specify the best system for your application.

Step 3 - Our Proposal

Step 3 - Our Proposal

Once we know exactly what you need, we will send a detailed quotation along with product literature for your consideration. If your system includes a silo, please note all silos are built to order, your Account Manager will give you an accurate lead time to aid planning.

Step 4 - Orders

Step 4 - Orders

Once you have placed an order communication is key; we clarify the specification and send a detailed acknowledgment detailing your order for checking. We communicate with you to guide you, and if involved your dealer, through the whole order process, agreeing dates and keeping you informed.

Step 5 - Build Phase

Step 5 - Build Phase

On the agreed installation day, our team attend the site fitting the feeders as required. If a dealer is installing your new feeders, they will be delivered to site either with your silo or via a carrier in time for the installation date.

Step 6 - Post Completion

Step 6 - Post Completion

You can have continued peace of mind that we will always be available to yourself or your installer should you require any further support and advice for our products. Always remember many spare parts can be ordered online from our eStore 24/7 for your convenience.