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Atlas Range

Silos for the worldwide market

With over 50 years experience designing, engineering and manufacturing silos for the UK agricultural sector, we're excited to launch our new range of silos designed for the worldwide market.

The Atlas Range combines all the classic design features of our best-selling UK silo with innovative new features developed specifically for customers worldwide to store feed in a hygienic and efficient manner.

All of our silos are manufactured from galvanised steel and benefit from smooth internal walls which ensures optimum feed flow. 

The Atlas Range offers over 100 models with varying cone angles, capacities up to 40 tonnes and a variety of discharge options. 

Developed for the Atlas Range, the new robust central roof filling hatch features a distinctive “lay-flat” design when in the open position. It is extremely reliable for operation from ground level, eliminating the need for access ladders and the risk of working at height.


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  • j Smooth Internal Walls – Manufactured from premium, high tensile galvanised steel, the smooth internal walls provide optimum mass feed flow, making sure your feeding system always runs smoothly.
  • j A choice of three cones ensures optimum discharge for your chosen feed type and application. Designed with a 60° discharge cone angle, the S1 Atlas Range is ideal for storing free-flowing pelleted feeds such as nuts or wholegrains and discharging either via an auger or into bags/barrows
  • j S3 Atlas Range - With a steeper 67° discharge cone, this silo is designed to store mealy type feed products with poor flow characteristics for discharging either via an auger or into bags/barrows.
  • j Side Discharge Silos – Offering a true side discharge 90°/50° cone, options are available for high and low level chutes to suit your discharge requirements into mixer wagons or through walls.
  • j Robust Roof Hatch - With a unique lay flat open position operated using a smooth ground operated handle, this clever roof hatch enables easy filling via an auger. If pneumatic filling is your preference, the hatch has the option to incorporate an AutoVent and Pressure Relief Valve to aid bio security during filling. The roof hatch is designed and engineered to provide versatility, longevity and ease of operation whilst also removing the risks associated with working at height.
  • j Choice of Finish - To ensure a long life all of our silos are manufactured in premium, high tensile galvanised steel. We also offer the option to upgrade to a Juniper Green or Chalk White Plasteel (a durable polymer-based colour coating) finish, to help comply with planning regulations for fit into the environment. For more details and colour samples see the downloadable datasheet.
  • j Full Height Level Indicators - Provide a visual check on the amount of feed left in the silo to help avoid feed outages.
  •  We are all extremely happy to have your silos at our farm, why, well our previous silos had many problems such as bridging of powdered feed and condensation inside the silos during the summer so I decided to look for a different cone angle and smooth rather than corrugated walls.

    When I found the Collinson website I was impressed to see you have so many different silo types and cone shapes and angles. It all fit very well my requirements for smooth wall surface and angle of the cone allowing effortless feed drop. When I researched you company and I saw the attention to detail of the silos together with those beautiful finishes, this was like a love from first sight. I knew this is my product and not only that I knew it, I was convinced this is the best in the world and didn’t want anything else

    During our visit at your factory, when we saw the production itself, I wished we have found your products earlier.

    Ivan - Ivan Ivanov, AgroTime, Bulgaria
  • We have purchased many Collinson Spin Feeder systems, in fact in excess of 20 houses. We have excellent results in all areas with these spin feeders and they have proved very successful. The installation numbers speak for themselves, we would recommend them to any farm looking for the best feeding equipment.


    Sacit Omay, General Manager, Sen Pilic - Sen Pilic are a large poultry integration with farms throughout Turkey.
  • "Collinson made the whole process so easy! Pete (Regional Sales Manager), came out to see us which was so helpful, he really knew his stuff and knew which bin would be right for us. We’ve had the bin for 6 weeks now and I can honestly say I’m thrilled, it fits the job perfectly and its top quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Collinson to anyone."

    Andrew Jolly - Preston, Lancashire
  • "Very satisfied, would be happy to recommend Collinson to anyone. Had other suppliers bins before but chose Collinson on price & helpfulness of rep."

    Phillip Gilman - Newport, Shropshire
  • "I chose a Collinson silo as I had a similar product which I had found to be of excellent build quality and has lasted well, very well. The silo was delivered to schedule and installed competently by pleasant personnel. The silo has worked very well with my system in fact it has exceeded my expectations. Very pleased, thank you."

    Mr Baskerville - Lichfield, Staffordshire
  • "Build Quality, Company Reputation and the helpfulness of Sales Staff, all excellent."

    Coombe Farming - Roundham, Somerset

If you would like to find out more about silos for use outside the UK, please contact our export team who will be happy to help

Personalise your silo to suit your project needs

From assisting with silo filling and improving feed feed flow to providing alternative discharge options, we have a range of optional extras available. Here are just a few of the more common solutions which can be chosen to complement your new silo:

  • Extension Filler Pipes

    Extension filler pipes allow silos to be sited where vehicular access is restricted. When choosing the site for your silo, extension filler pipes allow total flexibility. For example, you could use extension filler pipes to create a centralised filling point for ease of delivery. Or, in the case of high health sites, extension fillers allow filling of the silos to be undertaken from a perimeter point, removing the need for delivery vehicles to enter the site.

  • Central Roof Hatch

    This robust roof hatch is supplied complete with a ventilation cowl to allow warm air to escape out of the silo. The hatch is operated from ground level. For ease of filling, and to prevent damage during filling, this hatch opens to a 'lay flat' position aginst the silo roof.

  • Cyclone Dust Collector

    A simple hose bracket quickly attaches the Cyclone to your silo exhaust pipe. Dusty air generated during filling is then captured, leaving your base clean and helping prevent vermin from site.

    • Prevents waste, saving you money; feed dust can be collected and re-used
    • Improves onsite bio security measures reducing TB and similar diseases
    • Less evidence of badgers and birds on site; improved biosecurity
    • Two silos can share a single Cyclone by using a double connection kit. Additional pipework may be required depending on silo layouts
    • Dust collection in the silo ensures a cleaner working environment around the silo
    • New mobile model allows a single Cyclone to be easily detached and re-attached using quick release clamps, allowing a single Cyclone to be moved between silos during filling

  • Conveying Systems

    Our range of conveyors provide a practical and efficient method to transport your feed from your silo to your feeding system.

  • Load Cells & Mounting Frames

    Include a load cell mounting frame and weighing system onto your new silo to accurately monitor feed usage and improve efficiency. 

  • Ladders

    These sturdy safety ladders provide access to the central roof hatch for visual inspection inside the silo. Eurocode compliant.

  • Pneumatic Filling Kit

    Enables filling of the silo pneumatically via a feed delivery wagon. The kit comprises of filler and exhaust pipe, along with a pressure relief valve to protect the integrity of the silo in case of overfilling.

  • SafetyClean Plus

    This enables additional feed to be discharged from the cone of the silo whilst also having a conveyor system attached.