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Case Studies

    From being laid, to hitting the shelves K Fresh have the whole egg production process down to a tee at their production site in East Yorkshire.

    Tom Kirkwood and his Dad, Chris, run the company which has been supplying eggs throughout the UK for over 40 years now. When asked how they describe the company, ‘We like to think we’re a dynamic and forward thinking enterprise, because if you don’t keep moving forward with the times you’ll get left behind” says Tom, and as he continues to talk about the expansion of their business over the last 40 years, it’s clear that they have moved forward at a rate of knots.

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    "Having decided to install a Biomass Boiler we needed a storage and feeding system for the wood pellets. Collinson provided us with all the technical and safety information and have been very helpful throughout the installation process. We were on a large learning process throughout and the advice from Collinson has been invaluable. We would highly recommend Collinson Silos."

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