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Farm Business Grant funding for silos

When Jenny and Teifi Davies heard about the Welsh Farm Business Grant in early 2019 the timing could not have been better.

Having not long built a new beef shed it was time to re-think the feed storage arrangements. The old wooden homemade container come silo was no longer up to the job for a number of reasons; it didn’t hold enough, it had no chute so feeding time involved a lot of manual labour to shovel feed out, it had been patched up several times, feed delivery drivers complained of bad access for filling and the final straw - it was no-where near the new shed.

Teifi had seen a lot of new Collinson silos being delivered around the area and knew that a Collinson silo was exactly what he needed for the job, so he got in touch for a quote to start the Welsh Farm Business Grant ball rolling.

And roll it did, the grant application was approved, and the new silo was delivered in March 2019, with 33% of the silo cost covered by the grant it made a big difference.

Fast-forward a year and the T1 County Range silo has made a big impact on the business.

Teifi told us “Our new silo has really helped streamline and improve our daily feeding regime not to mention given us the peace of mind our feed is now hygienically, and bio securely stored. This has all been made possible with the funding we received from the Farm Business Grant” 

Money Saving

Increasing to 10t capacity has allowed Teifi to negotiate a better rate with his feed company, he has calculated he now saves £50 per tonne which equates to a massive saving of £3k on feed costs a year – so in a year, with the help of the Welsh Grant the silo has paid for itself.

Labour Saving

Whether discharging from the silo into buckets or straight into the tractor bucket the adjustable, versatile snacker chute has both speeded up feeding time and importantly, reduced manual labour for Teifi.

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If you're thinking about applying you need to ACT NOW

The deadline for the final funding window is Friday 10th April.

To be eligible, applicants must have attended one of Farming Connect’s Farming for the Future events and have a turnover of £1m or less.

Find your nearest Farming for the Future event 

For further information about the funding visit Welsh Farm Business Grant website.