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SiloMOT hits the top ten!

Sometimes the obvious is right under your nose, it just takes that lightbulb moment and a little bit of effort to turn it into a reality. This is the case for SiloMOT an initiative that was developed by Collinson, the UK’s largest silo manufacturer along with industry safety bodies.

For SiloMOT to be voted by the industry in the Farm Safety Foundations top 10 App’s is really rewarding, it’s fantastic to know that farmers are embracing technology and utilising this simple to use App for silo safety, maintenance and overall peace of mind.’ said Sam Collinson, MD.

The importance of silo safety really hit home back in 2019 when a call came in from a customer needing to urgently replace a silo that had collapsed whilst their feed delivery was being blown in, an hour before milking! It had narrowly missed the tractor and feed had partially filled the pit, absolute chaos, but that aside it could so easily have been a very different story.

Sam continued to talk about that lightbulb moment “Two things were immediately apparent, firstly, there was a serious safety concern but secondly and perhaps more significantly with a little maintenance over the years this silo would of gone on to safely store feed for many years to come. SiloMOT is a reminder to stop and check your silo before it’s too late”

Tom Price, NFU Farm Safety Manager, joined Collinson to launch SiloMOT in the Innovation Hub at DairyTech in September 2019, farmers throughout the country have since been carrying out health checks on their silos ensuring no one on farm is put at risk.

If you haven’t heard about SiloMOT, download it for FREE from the App store and take a look, it’s a really straightforward survey which asks you to score the key structural elements of the silo and the results are summarised in a report.

The app identifies any areas that need looking at, maintenance can be completed, and the farmer and feed company have peace of mind that when they’re blowing large capacities of feed into the silo, it is safe.

Find out more about SiloMOT and the other farm safety apps as voted for by the agricultural industry during the Farm Safety Foundations “Farm Safety Week” which kicks off on Monday 20th July.
The agenda for the week consists of vlogs, blogs and lots of useful information to encourage the farming community to recognise the real dangers of working in the industry and the importance of looking after their physical and mental wellbeing each and every day, not just for Farm Safety Week.

Remember, as Tom Pemberton says, danger doesn’t take a day off so watch out for the farm safety vlogs from the Farm Safety Foundation and other familiar faces throughout the week of 20th July and keep your team safe.