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Spin for Poultry

Broiler breeders worldwide are increasingly seeing the benefits of feeding parent stock with the Collinson Spin Feeder.

Breeding Parent and Grandparent stock requires a detailed approach to management. Alongside nutrition the correct delivery of the feed is vital to create a successful flock; even distribution of the feed via a Collinson Spin Feeding System promotes uniform growth, importantly maintaining bird health.

Spin Feeding, a floor feeding system, evenly distributes feed into a large circular spread pattern, the size of which can be easily adjusted to suit house size and the number of birds. This accurate distribution allows all birds instant access to the feed, minimising flocking, bird stress and mortality. More importantly, consistent results ensure uniform growth with birds achieving point of lay at the same time and this is the key to the success of the Collinson Spin feeder.

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  • j Models available for roof mounting or free standing to suit both existing and new buildings
  • j Operation is simple, feeders are easily programmed to dispense an accurate amount of feed, according to bird numbers and age
  • j Each feeder can feed a large number of birds, resulting in a relatively low cost system
  • j Spinfeeders are automatically replenished by augers after feeding ready for the next day
  • j There is no association with your personnel and feeding time, making management much easier

Spin Feeding for Broiler Breeders

  • We have purchased many Collinson Spin Feeder systems, in fact in excess of 20 houses. We have excellent results in all areas with these spin feeders and they have proved very successful. The installation numbers speak for themselves, we would recommend them to any farm looking for the best feeding equipment.


    Sacit Omay, General Manager, Sen Pilic - Sen Pilic are a large poultry integration with farms throughout Turkey.
  • "Yes, we are big supporters of Collinson and would always recommend your products, they are absolute quality."

    Neil Moore - Crewe, Cheshire
  • "Very friendly & down to earth staff. I would recommend your company to anyone who asked me 100%. Thank you for a very satisfactory service."

    Angela Bailey - Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
  • "Build Quality, Company Reputation and the helpfulness of Sales Staff, all excellent."

    Coombe Farming - Roundham, Somerset
  • "I wanted to take the time to let you know what an excellent job your driver did when delivering our new Collinson silo, he was very helpful, very professional and very pleasant, a credit to your company, a high quality service to complement a high quality silo."

    Shoby Poultry, Melton Mowbray

If you would like to find out more about Spin Feeding contact our Poultry Specialists who will be happy to help you