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Spinfeeding Worldwide

Accurate, efficient feed management systems are vital to the success of feeding parent broiler breeder stock. 


The Collinson Spin Feeding System is renowned around the world, producers have consistently reported the benefits of feeding parent stock using our spin feeding system. The Spinfeeder delivers an even distribution of feed into a circular pattern making feed instantly available to all birds at the same time. The accurate, even distribution minimises flocking, reducing bird stress and mortality.  

This floor feeding system benefits flock health whilst the even feed distribution and bird access promotes uniform growth and consistent point of lay within the flock.

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  • j Roof Mounted and Floor Standing Models available to suit all types of buildings with both models accommodating easy access for cleaning machinery
  • j Spinfeeders are automatically replenished via an Auger following feeding to ensure the system is ready to run the following day
  • j Reduced association with personnel at feeding times allows easier management and inspection of flock
  • j A large amount of birds can be fed from one feeder making Spin Feeding a low cost system
  • j Each Spin Feeder can be easily programmed to feed required amount of feed to individual groups of birds
  • j Feed is quickly and evenly distributed into a perfect circle, to allow each bird equal access to feed for uniform growth
  • We have purchased many Collinson Spin Feeder systems, in fact in excess of 20 houses. We have excellent results in all areas with these spin feeders and they have proved very successful. The installation numbers speak for themselves, we would recommend them to any farm looking for the best feeding equipment.


    Sacit Omay, General Manager, Sen Pilic - Sen Pilic are a large poultry integration with farms throughout Turkey.

If you would like to find out more about our poultry feeding systems, contact our export poultry specialists who will be happy to help you