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TriStor™ Bag Barrow


If you store feed in bags, big bags or in open storage TriStor™ a low cost, smaller capacity silo provides an excellent opportunity to move to a hygienic storage solution. 

The Bag Barrow model is built with a 55° cone, ideal for storing free flowing pelleted products and wholegrains and is the perfect solution for filling bags, barrows or conveyors and is available in two economical sizes, storing 4.8 and 7.6 tonnes of pellets.

    Available for customer collection or delivery via a third-party haulier

    Contact the sales team to find out more - 01995 606 451

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  • j Save on delivery charges and collect in kit form from Collinson or a local hub for final on site assembly
  • j Moving to bulk storage enables you to reduce manual handling and store feed hygienically in a rodent free environment
  • j To ensure a long life all Tristor silos are available in a Galvanised or choice of 3 Plasteel™ finishes. Plasteel colours can be selected to match your buildings, fit in with the surroundings or to comply with the requirements of the local planning authority; this finish also adds an additional protection layer in coastal locations
  • j Feed level indicators enable you to easily keep an eye on feed levels
  • j The FloView Safety Clean panel fitted in the lower cone provides a visual aid to check the flow of the feed and also provides a safe, ground level access point ideal for cleaning your silo
  • j These handy smaller silos are great for storing winter feed but can also be used for other feed types or overflow storage at other times of the year

Juniper Green

BS 12B29

Olive Green

BS 12B27

Slate Blue

BS 18B29

  • "Collinson made the whole process so easy! Pete (Regional Sales Manager), came out to see us which was so helpful, he really knew his stuff and knew which bin would be right for us. We’ve had the bin for 6 weeks now and I can honestly say I’m thrilled, it fits the job perfectly and its top quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Collinson to anyone."

    Andrew Jolly - Preston, Lancashire
  • "Very satisfied, would be happy to recommend Collinson to anyone. Had other suppliers bins before but chose Collinson on price & helpfulness of rep."

    Phillip Gilman - Newport, Shropshire
  • "Excellent service. I have now bought 11 Collinson bins and been impressed with the service each time."

    Nigel Clist - Cullompton, Devon
  • "Very friendly & down to earth staff. I would recommend your company to anyone who asked me 100%. Thank you for a very satisfactory service."

    Angela Bailey - Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire
  • "Since our silo was installed on the farm over a month ago, we have been more than pleased with its design & performance. We would also like to thank Mr Ian Wormleighton (Regional Account Manager) for his advice and good customer care. Thank you very much."

    Angus Lisk - Rhos Ghos, Anglessey

We have honed our process to ensure you have a simple, streamlined experience from enquiry to installation

Step 1 - Contact Us

Step 1 - Contact Us

If you require a new smaller capacity silo then give our friendly team a call. A quick chat helps us quickly establish your exact requirements and your regional account manager will send out the Datasheets for your consideration. There's no sales waffle, just dedicated and knowledgeable advice

Step 2 - Proposal

Step 2 - Proposal

TriStor™ can be purchased direct from Collinson or through our network of trusted feed firms and dealers. Supplied semi assembled for ease of transport so you can choose whether you wish to collect from; Collinson, various Hubs around the UK or have the TriStor™ delivered to you by haulier

Step 3 - Order

Step 3 - Order

Once your order has been placed, our logistics manager will send an acknowledgement detailing your order along with a TriStor™ product file which contains important information about the silo. Collinson or the Hub operator will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery / collection date

Step 4 - Your Responsibility

Step 4 - Your Responsibility

Before your silo arrives on site, it is your responsibility to make sure the concrete base has been down for 2 weeks and is built to the specification supplied in the product file. Please note forklifts are required on site for offloading

Step 5 - On Site Assembly

Step 5 - On Site Assembly

Final on site assembly of the TriStor™ is the responsibility of the customer. Step by step instructions are provided, however if you need any help or advice during the build we are always happy to help over the phone

Step 6 - Post Completion

Step 6 - Post Completion

Once you are enjoying the benefit of your new TriStor™, you can have peace of mind that we will always be available should you require any further support and advice. Should you require any additional parts or spares, Customer Service is open Monday to Friday or order through the estore 24/7

After a long, long life Collinson Silos are 100% recyclable

After a long, long life Collinson Silos are 100% recyclable

All our Silos are manufactured from Galvanised steel, so after a long, long life, you have our assurance that your silo can be 100% recycled, helping to reduce landfill and save our environment.

We provide a range of optional extras to personalise a silo to suit your project needs

From assisting with silo filling, improving feed flow and providing alternative discharge options, Collinson have an optional extra to suit your every need. Here are just a few of the more common solutions which can be chosen to complement your new silo or ordered retrospectively from our Customer Portal

  • Discharge Options

    There are a range of standard discharge options to suit different applications. Over the years, our range of discharge options has grown and developed so we are able to offer the best solution for every discharge requirement

  • Extension Filler Pipes

    Extension filler pipes allow silos to be sited where vehicular access is restricted. When choosing the site for your silo extension filler pipes allow total flexibility; they are ideal where you simply wish to create a centralised filling point for ease of delivery or in the case of high health sites extension fillers may be utilised so filling of the silos can be undertaken from a perimeter point, removing the need for delivery vehicles to enter the site.

  • Silo Tip

    The SiloTip filling attachment can be incorporated into any County Range silo, increasing versatility with the option of filling the silo using your front end loader or tractor bucket Dependent upon the height and reach of your bucket the SiloTip attachment can be incorporated into any County Range Silo. Great news for existing Collinson customers, SiloTip is available for retrofitting into your existing County Silo

  • SafetyClean Plus

    SafetyClean Plus is an extra discharge from the cone of the silo giving added flexibility to your feeding arrangements by allowing feed to be discharged from the cone of the silo whilst also having a main conveyor discharge. All new silos now come with the FloView™safety clean panel as standard giving a reassuring visual check on the feed flow activity inside the silo. Upgrade to the FV-SafetyClean Plus to enable you to draw feed from the gravity discharge should you need to feed by hand in any emergencies. Good news for existing customers, both the FloView and the FloView plus safety clean panel can be retrofitted into existing Collinson Silos.

  • Cyclone Dust Collector

    The Cyclone connects to the silo exhaust via the integrated bend which fits into the exhaust pipe to collects the dust that would normally escape during pneumatic filling, increasing your site bio-security by reducing the risk of diseased birds and vermin being attracted to your site. 

    • Prevents waste, saving you money; feed dust can be collected and re-used
    • Improves onsite biosecurity measures, reducing TB and similar diseases
    • Easy to empty - Because the Cyclone is positioned at height, it’s straightforward to empty. Just wheel a barrow underneath, pull the handle to operate the slide, this will release any collected dust for
      later use
    • Space-saving design - the Cyclone stays “out of the way” by mounting on the silo leg. Plus, it utilises the silo's pressure relief valve instead of requiring it's own. 
    • Less evidence of badgers and birds onsite, improving biosecurity
    • Dust collection in the silo ensures a cleaner working environment around the silo